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Looking to purchase a mural for your child's room? Tell us your ideas and we will illustrate and design a mural that you and your child will love. Your custom painted mural can usually be finished within one to two weeks depending on size and detail level.

Our murals are all custom hand-painted, directly on your wall. We will illustrate, design, and paint, your mural for half the price of other muralists. We also specialize in adding your child's image within our murals if this is something that you want.

Circus Mural, Underwater / Aquatic Mural, Sesame Street Mural, Beach Mural, Amusement Park Mural, Castle / Medieval Mural, Dragons and Knights Mural, Park Fun Mural, Jungle / Safari Mural, Angels in the Clouds Mural, Farm Animals Mural, City Street Mural, People in Your Neighborhood Mural, Teddy Bear Mural, Fun Cartoonish Animals Mural, Fun Cartoonish Babie or Toddlers Mural, Tea Party Mural, Country Street Mural, Ducks and Bathroom Fun Mural, Inside a Treehouse Mural, Nursery Rhymes Themed Mural, Construction Zone Mural, Pirates Ship Mural, Fairies and Flowers Mural, Space Theme Mural, Motercycle Racing Murals, Faux Castle Wall, Wizzard of Oz Mural, Treasure Map Mural, Trains or Planes Mural, Cowboys / Western Mural, Flower Garden Mural, Dinosaurs Mural, Insects and Bugs Mural, Policeman Mural, Astronaut Mural, Fireengine / Firefighter Mural, Jesters Court Mural, Vehicles / Transportation Mural, Stork carrying baby mural for nursery, Garden and FlowersMural, Moon and Stars Mural, Fantasy Murals with Gnomes - Fairies - Wizzards - Unicorns, Whimsical Flowers Mural, Superheros Mural with Spiderman - Batman - and Superman, Faux window with Animals Peering In Mural, Seasons Mural, A Mural of Your child's Favorite Characters from TV or Movies, Fun Alphabet and Numbers Mural, Pet Store Mural, Fishing Murals, Sports Murals - Basketball - Baseball - Hockey - Running - Soccer, etc.

Any other ideas for this list please let us know. TELL US YOUR IDEAS FOR A FUN CHILDREN'S MURAL!



Commission: To design an Under the Sea theme for a bathroom.

The bath, basin, splashbacks, and shelving were all surrounded by paper - mache rocks, plastic beer can holders were ripped and dipped in green paint and proved to be a great substitute for seaweed.


Commission: To design a Lion theme for a living room wall.

It was inspired after the client had watched a programme by David Attenborough on TV about Lions.

Yukka plants have planted either side in brick plant pots, which really set off the mural.


Commission: To design a child's bedroom with a ninja turtles/dinosaur theme.

The Mural was painted on all four walls. The door was made to look like a cave entrance with 3D rocks and ivy.